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Step Back For Forest’s Sake

July 17, 2013

Have you ever seen someone so focused on the little details that they completely miss the big picture? It’s very frustrating for anyone looking in from the outside because its so obvious to them. The lost person on the inside, however, is completely oblivious and can’t seem to realize it no matter how much you tell them. Today, I ask if you are too close to your band.

2013-7-16Perspective. It’s all about perspective. Sometimes we are just too close to see the forest for the trees. You’ve heard it said a thousand times but it’s simply too true to ignore. Trust me, I am as guilty of it as anyone else, but sometimes we are in too deep and we need only to take a step back to see how our art is looking thus far.

I know, it’s not what we want to hear. I mean, no one knows your art better than you, right? While that’s certainly true, sometimes we could use a little perspective check. To keep your band from getting blurry, here are some things you can do.

#1 – Step Back – This is the most obvious. Sometimes you need to figuratively step back from your music. Put on a different hat and try to think from a different perspective. The disadvantage to this method is that we are sometimes too far deep to do this accurately.

#2 – Take A Break – I don’t mean go on a hiatus, I just mean spend a day where you don’t talk, think, or even breathe about your band. Do something unmusical or out of the ordinary to give yourself a mental reset.

#3 – Bring an Outsider In – This is my favorite and most effective method. Nothing beats the perspective of an outsider. After all, most of your potential fans will have an outside perspective. An outsider can help you make your forest look as presentable as possible for any one who wants to come in and look at the trees. Of course, not every outsider will give the definitive cure-all answer your looking for but it’s always healthy if you have the right attitude. Trust is the most important factor when choosing an outsider. The “outside” factor is what makes a producer necessary for an album. Think about it.

So again, stop being consumed with yourself and take a step back. Remember that most people that will hear your band will be hearing it for the first time. They have no idea if you’ve played a song a thousand times or if its your first run-through.Look at it from their eyes. Which method are you going to try?


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