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The Audience Perspective

July 26, 2013

2013-7-26bMusicians tend to see things from a musician’s perspective. They see things the audience doesn’t see. After all, aren’t they musically “smarter” than the plebeians in the crowd? We are artists, we are Shakespeare, and they are just groundlings in the pit who throw nuts and fruit at the things they don’t understand. But what if I told you that they are actually the most important people in the room?

Sometimes, (in fact, a lot of the time) musicians are too close to see the forest for the trees. Believe it or not, sometimes the audience sees things better than us. Truth be told, a lot of times we don’t give the audience enough credit. We remember “that guy” who yells out “Freebird” after every song among other stupid things, but he is actually not a good representation of your average audience member. Most of the audience may actual be seeing your art for what it really is.

Ever hear how a blind man’s sense of hearing and smell become better because he lacks sight? It’s the same thing with your audience. Because audiences don’t understand musical technicalities, they strongly see the things that matter like emotion, performance, and authority. Sure, they can’t tell you what Bbmaj7 is, but they sure can tell you if the lead singer doesn’t command the stage or if the band is boring to watch.

The question you’ve got to ask yourself is “who are you playing to?” Is it the audience or other musicians? Because if you are playing only to impress your musician friends, you’ll never get anywhere. Musicians are all too broke to buy your record or t-shirt anyway. Audiences (non-musicians), however, are the ones who make a band top the charts and sell-out arenas. The audience is the one who matters. When you play on a stage, you are playing for an audience. They matter! They are the reason your there! You’ve got to play for them! Otherwise what’s the point?

Now, I am NOT implying you become a “sell-out” and a tool that does what ever anyone and everyone wants you to do. You still have your own thing, your own creativity, your own art, but also have your own audience. All I’m saying is that if you look at things through the audience’s eyes, they will love you more! Isn’t that what you want? Some sort of success and for audiences that hear you to enjoy you while STILL keeping your soul? Try it. They are gonna love it.


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