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Rehearsal Vs. Practice (what?)

September 2, 2013

RehearsalEvery band rehearses and practices right? Right, they do.

Aren’t they the same thing? No, actually, they aren’t.

See, as my boy Joe Henderson (Josh Wilson, Anthem Lights) said, “There’s a difference between rehearsal and practice.” Your band may use the words interchangeably and I did the same thing for years. However, starting to think of them as two different things can dramatically improve your band. Cue the track, cause we’re about to break it down!

Practice – Practice is what each band member does at home. Everyone learns the songs on their own time and gets their part down individually.

Rehearsal – Once everyone has practiced their part, the band brings it together and rehearses as a whole.

“Okay, it makes sense but what’s the point?” you ask. The point is, learning the songs is only half the battle. When everyone is together in a room, no one should be wasting time learning the songs. No one should be stopping to ask “what are the chords again?”

See, even when everyone knows the songs individually, it still takes work to get everything to gel together. Use rehearsal time to focus on gelling together. Get the basic chords out of the way before you even get to the rehearsal room. It will save time at rehearsal, and I guarantee your band will sound better because of it!


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