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“Self-Taught” Is a Myth and Here’s Why

September 6, 2013

2013-9-5A lot of people say they are “self-taught,” but maybe there’s no such thing. Now, I’m not saying that you have to take formal lessons to learn. Trust me, I’m the last guy to say that (even though I took formal lessons for several years).

“But I did teach myself!” you say. Okay, but did you ever use someone else’s youtube video? Someone else’s tab? Someone else’s book? Someone else’s songs? Sure, you didn’t have someone officially crowned as “your teacher” but there were external sources for your education. Shoot, we learn when we jam with some one. Musicians “teach” each other when the play together.

A lot of you are thinking, “Okay, so you think that I’m not self-taught. How does that help me?” I get ya. My point is that everyone and everything can teach us something new and we should never stop learning. Just like those jams with randoms dudes taught something, you always have the potential to learn.

Just like you should never stop improving, you should never stop learning. Everything is a new opportunity to learn. Once we decide that we are done learning, we will lose all inspiration. Don’t let that happen. 



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