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You Don’t Need A Studio

September 11, 2013

2013-9-10Many bands assume that you need to go to a recording studio to get a good sounding recording, and that’s just simply not true. It is now easier than ever to get awesome recordings anywhere, even your own home.

The technology to make great music is more affordable than ever. The knowledge to make great recordings/mixes is more available than ever. You don’t have wait for go to the studio, you can make the studio come to you! In 2013, you can now get tons of studio gear on your laptop for half the price of the traditional studio equipment. People are making great albums on their laptops.

People were making albums in home studios even before computers. In fact, Boston’s first album was recorded in their guitarist’s basement! That was in the 70’s, what excuse do you have? Technology is at our fingertips.

Now granted, having equipment is not nearly as important as having skills. A big fancy studio with expensive equipment doesn’t guarantee a great recording. In the same way, a small home with humble equipment doesn’t guarantee a bad recording. A good recording is a good recording regardless of where it was recorded, because the veil between the studio and the home has been torn. You can make great recordings today!


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