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Natural Is Overrated

September 16, 2013

2013-9-15Modern culture puts so much emphasis on being “green” and using only “natural” flavors. There’s such a push to be all natural. Natural can be good, but when it comes to music there are a lot of bad habits that are unfortunately natural for us. 

A lot of our first inclinations are not always on point. If we only did what was natural as humans, we’d still be in diapers and unable to communicate our thoughts in writing, among other things. But we grow up and mature through discipline, training, and education. In the same way, being in a band requires discipline and training and fighting a lot of natural tendencies. For example, the young guitarist naturally wants to play an “Eruption” solo the entire song, but the mature and seasoned guitarist knows when to hold back and play the chords. That example is obvious, but we must apply it to everything. What about your concerts? Your promotion? Your management? And even your instrument (you are never done growing).

Now don’t get me wrong. “Natural” is not inherently bad. There could be a lot of awesome things that are just naturally a part of you. Embrace your uniqueness by all means, but don’t assume that “natural” is inherently good, either.

So take the time to review everything you’re doing. Put it under the light of scrutiny figure what it is important and what is only natural and nothing more. Bring in some outside perspective if you need to. It almost always helps! Give it a shot and it’ll improve your band, I guarantee it.

by Noah Copeland


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