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A Vital Concept That Many Bands Miss

September 30, 2013

business-timing-547915-mYour band is a business.

Yes, your music is an art, but your band is a business.

So start treating it like one.

By all means, do NOT neglect the art part (hey, that rhymes)! Great art needs to be there. Otherwise, you can be great at promotion, but not have anything worth promoting. Making a great “product” is the first step. But a great product isn’t going to sell itself. It needs a little promotion. So learn how to promote something.

Soooo many local bands just play music and have this “if you build it, they will come attitude.” Don’t do that! You’ve got to make them come, and once they’re inside, you’d better have something awesome to show them.

There are so many bands trying to get your audience’s attention, you can’t just expect them to find you by themselves. Plant some road signs and show them where to go.
Do you have marketing strategy? Your band is a brand (more rhyming), so market it as such.

This is just the tip of the iceberg; there are people who specialize only in the business side of bands (promotion, marketing, etc) and I am certainly not an expert on this. But you can’t afford to just completely ignore the business aspect. There are great bands that are learning these concepts and you need to be one of them.

However, don’t get so caught up in “competing” that you lose perspective. After all, music is an art not a sport, but you need to have some business literacy. You don’t need manilla files or a suite-and-tie, but you need to be aware that your band is both an art and a business.


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