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Shut Up and Listen

October 3, 2013

earpieces-1390188-mAs a musician, inspiration is important. Keeping things fresh and interesting is essential. One of the best way to keep things exciting is to listen to all kinds of music.

Let’s face it. We can get stuck in a rut sometimes in our listening habits. We put on our favorite old songs we’ve heard for years, or we listen to the same bands at one period of time. I’m certainly guilty of it.

Honestly, the best way to keep things new is to LISTEN to new music all the time, or a variety of music. (By “new” music, I don’t necessarily mean recently made music, just music you’ve never heard before). Listen to all kinds of stuff. Shoot, even listen to stuff that’s outside your genre comfort zone. You may not enjoy every second of it, but that different perspective can give you inspiration to try something new.

I saw a video of Joe Elliot from Def Leppard (love ’em or hate ’em) sharing something that their producer Mutt Lange (AC/DC, Maroon 5) had told them. (this is from a “rock” perspective)

He said,

“One thing Mutt taught us to do was..if there’s something you can learn and hijack from rap or R’N’B, from anything really…say ‘How can we adapt that into our music?'”

So yeah. You heard the man. Don’t be afraid. There’s no reason you shouldn’t try to use EVERYTHING to your advantage. Try it! If it doesn’t work, lesson learned. If it does, you get a great song out of it! So go put some different songs on your iPod.


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