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Rehearsal (You’re Doing it Wrong)

October 18, 2013

2013-10-18Dude.  Notice how a professional band like KISS rehearses just like most local bands: they’re all facing the drummer, they aren’t jumping around, they are all starting at their guitars, they aren’t treating it like its a real show. Oh wait a minute, they are doing the exact opposite.

That’s right. Watch the video below. KISS is doing something very important. They are rehearsing for this TV performance as if it were the actual performance. If an experienced band like KISS does it, why do you think you get it away with not doing it?

The problem is, most local bands rehearse (as opposed to practice) in a way that is completely unlike the way they perform. It’s usually everyone standing a circle, facing the drummer, not playing the set in order, doing whatever. But if you get used to this and rely on this, you can’t expect your show to go as smoothly as rehearsal did in your bedroom. Why should you learn how to play two different ways? Learn one and get good at it. Treat every rehearsal like a performance and you’ll never have to think while performing ever again. It will just be natural because you made it a habit.

If you have to, you can start off doing the circle thing, but as you get closer to your next show, you’ve got to simulate a real concert. Think of it like a theatre play. The early practices consist of everyone in plains clothes worrying about their lines. As they get closer to opening night, they do dress rehearsals in full clothes, costumes, props, and everything. That way, when they are performing, it’s natural and they don’t have to spend their time thinking about the next line or worrying about tripping over their costume.

So go out there and rehearse like it’s the real deal!


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