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Band Rehearsal (An Example From TV)

October 28, 2013

ImageAfter an excellent Fall Break from both class and this blog, I thought I’d continue our theme on rehearsal tips. Maybe we should start rehearsing/practicing like actors do for TV shows.

Say, what?

Apparently, TV programs don’t have just on rehearsal and call it good. In fact, there are several different types of rehearsal that they do. For the sake of relating this to music, let’s look at the two rehearsal types that involve the actors. Why? Because in this example, actors represent the musicians (YOU), where as directors and camera operators are producers and soundmen.

Pre-studio And Dress Rehearsal

These are similar to my views on practice vs. rehearsal and this TV parallel will prove it more efficient and clearer.

1) Pre-studio – This comes first. The actors get together and act out their lines. There are not treating quite like the real things yet, they are getting the basics down. This is similar to practicing at home learning the songs/chords and getting together and making sure everything is good. This is the chance to focus on the core content rather the external factors (venue size, stage plot, etc).

2) Dress Rehearsal – This is closer to production day, and the actors do everything like it’s the real deal. Clothes, lights, equipment and everything. If you saw the last blog post on KISS, you sawethat KISS actually has “dress” rehearsals. Of course, a band like KISS actually has a certain “dress” to rehearse, but don’t miss the big picture:

You still need to rehearse like it’s a real concert.

Seriously, do it.

  • Rehearse what you are going to say to the crowd.
  • Rehearse what you are doing in between songs (switching guitars, mics, etc)
  • Rehearse where you will be standing/moving throughout. (seriously, you don’t wanna wait ’til the gig to bump into the bassist)
  • Rehearse what to do when you hit the last note. (what gear goes down first, how to exit, etc

Now don’t worry, you can always change it up. There’s still room to improvise, and there’s still room to change it up depending on the venue/crowd. You just need a blue-print/guidelines to go off of.

Television programs do this ’cause they need to. Sure, you’re not a soap-opera by any means, but how much more awesome would your show be if you did rehearsals like this? Of course, you are always free not to, but you owe to yourself to give it a try.


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