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No One Cares About Your Gear

November 5, 2013

avt-150-control-319815-m“What? But I put so much work in getting my pedal board just perfect!”

“My pickup height is just right! Exactly 1.383345 mm.”

“My cymbals are perfectly arranged in order of tonal balance.”

“This amp has vintage tubes I got from the black market in Bolivia.”

Sorry, but only musicians could care about such things. I’m not being a jerk, there is a very healthy attitude to this post. (Don’t let the internet fool you into giving me a rude tone of voice).

So what’s the point? The point is, don’t lose perspective.

It’s All About The Music

I’m NOT saying your gear is useless. I’m NOT saying you might as well use the crappiest guitar you can find. All I am saying is that you must stay focused on creating great music for an audience that doesn’t care what gear you used to make it.

I am aware that us musicians care a great deal. You’ve probably researched the crap out of your favorite guitarist’s rig and effects, or favorite drummers setup, etc (I know I’ve done it!) But that’s cause you’re a musician. But don’t focus all your marketing efforts on musicians. Most of them are too broke to buy your CD, (cause they spent all their money on gear hahaha). No one cares that you used amp simulators or that your bassist uses a pick.

Your average listener just wants to hear a great song that connects with them, gets them pumped, and/or gets them singing along. Don’t forget that. Don’t get caught up in an endless sea of gear, because let’s face it: there will always be some new gear we want to buy. So don’t get caught in the cycle. Find gear that helps you make great music, but don’t get lost. Step back and remember why we do this: TO MAKE GREAT MUSIC.

Remember the first time you heard that song that made you want to start playing music? You didn’t care about pedals and racks back then, you just wanted to make people smile/sing/bang their head. Don’t lose sight of that.

Gear isn’t bad, music is just so much better. Click to Tweet


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