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Buying Your Way Into Becoming a Better Musician?

November 22, 2013

i2mThis a hard truth post and is not what a lot of you want to hear. But I am posting it anyway because I believe it to be tremendously helpful and eye-opening, albeit hard to swallow for many. There’s some good news and some bad news.

Here’s the bad news:
Your gear isn’t the problem. You are.

Discouraging right? Welp, here’s the good news.
Your gear isn’t the solution. You are!

You > Gear

As I’ve posted earlier, it’s easy to drown in a sea of endless gear purchasing and obsession, when in reality  most of your fans don’t care about your gear. It’s definitely healthy for musicians to be always trying to improve, but the truth is, buying gear is a great way to make you think you are getting better when actually may not be.

What am I blabbing about? It’s all goes back to the phrase, “it’s the wizard, not the wand.” It’s not up to talent, new gear, or money, it’s up to hard work. It’s easy to just “buy” improvement. It’s a lot harder and much more humbling to get in the woodshed and do the hard work of perfecting your craft. But guess which one has the bigger impact on your improvement?

Not All Gear is Created Equal

Don’t misunderstand. I’m NOT saying that gear is worthless. Upgrading from a 15-watt practice amp to Marshall stack will definitely improve your sound. But neither amp is worth a crap if you can’t play the stinkin’ guitar. What am I saying is that there is a point of diminishing returns. Once you get decent gear, there comes a point where improving your sound is 5% gear and 95% you. Going from bottom-of-the-barrel gear to decent/good gear will make a difference, but most non-musicians aren’t going to be able to tell the difference the more “prestigious” you go up the ladder.

Sure, you can ignore my advice and go drain your credit card on thousands of gear dollars. You can convince yourself that all your gear purchases are justified (some of them probably are). But if you really want to improve, you better get to practicing. It’s up to you, the choice is all yours. That’s the best part. Nothing is holding you back from getting better. No gear, no money, no nothing. Just practice. You are free to make the choice.


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