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“Too Hard” Is Never A Reason

January 11, 2014

If you think you can’t do a song because it’d be “too hard”, think again.

Who’s to say you it’s too hard? Nothing is too hard for the awesomest musician in the world (that’s you, remember).

I’m serious. You are the only “you” in the world. When it comes to playing your instrument the way you do, no one is better.

So embrace it and don’t think anything is out of limits for you. The only thing between you and your goal is hard work and practice.

I will be preaching and ranting about the unmatched power of hard work until I’m old and gray. You just can’t beat hard work and there are so many things it can accomplish.

So if you think a technique, song, or a bridge is “too hard,” there is a three-step process to fixing it.

1) Practice.
2) Practice.
3) Practice.

(See what I did there?) Yeah, you get it by now. You know what to do. Get to it.

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