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Lessons From My Band’s Single #1) Do Your Homework

February 1, 2014

ImageSo I recently recorded a single for the worship group that I play guitar in, the Layton Harper Band (hereinafter known as the LHB). We used my mobile recording rig to do a cover of Hillsong’s “Oceans” and like any good recording session, I learned some things. For the next couple of posts, we’ll cover the things I learned, starting with #1: DO YOUR HOMEWORK. 

A wonderful singer named Jessicia Fernandez did the lead vocals for the song. It was great to track with Jessica because she really knows her instrument (her voice). She knows its capabilities, its range, and all the things different things she can do with it.

I believe we got a phenomenal performance out of her because she did her homework. The girl really knows how to sing. She didn’t walk in there with a half-good performance and expect me to fix it all later. She was prepared. Never once did I feel like we were shooting around in the dark hoping we’d get something half-good. She knew what to do.

But let’s look at the other side of the coin: Having a plan doesn’t kill all spontaneity. 

Yes, she did her homework, but that did not keep us from trying new things. After the lead vocal was done, we experimented with harmonies that ended up adding a lot to the song. For those that just wanna be “in-the-moment” people and never plan anything, I would argue that preparation actually helps you experiment. We would have never tried those harmonies if we hadn’t pwned the lead.

So the moral of the story is: Have a vision and do your homework. Next post, we’ll talk about what happens when you don’t do your homework (and guess what? it was all my fault too *sadface*).

At the end of the series of posts, I’ll attach the finished LHB song. You’ll be able to “hear” what I’m talking about.

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