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Don’t Wait For Inspiration

February 13, 2014

It only takes a seed to grow a tree. You’d better water it!

We don’t like to write or play until we feel inspired.

I think this a bad habit.
A really, bad habit.

Being creative isn’t just being more “inspired” than everyone else. Being creative is hard work. Hard work takes practice, dedication and discipline. That’s means you need to practice your creativity even when you’re at your most uninspired state.

Why? Because if you just wait for inspiration before you start creating, you won’t know what to do with it when it finally comes.

Be prepared. Always be working at your craft. When those magically spells of inspiration come, you’ll be able to utilize it.

Is it hard to work when you’re uninspired?
A big “yes.”
Is it worth it anyway?
A bigger “yes.”

Sure, some of those “uninspired” moment might be crap. But you’re going to make a lot of crap in order to get to the masterpieces. But I would also argue that those seemingly uninspired moments can produce great things as well. You’ll never know until you try. 

Either way, you’re not going to get good without practice and work. So start working at it, even when you don’t feel like Beethoven at the time.

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