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You’re Not Springsteen

February 16, 2014

The Boss at work. Unfortunately, you’re not the Boss.


There’s a significant difference between us and them. They’ve sold a zillion records, we haven’t. 

Here’s an example.

Let’s say you love Bruce Springsteen. You love his three hour concerts and made him your idol.

So when you play your next show, you decide to play three hours, just like ol’ Bruce. After all, if he does it then it must be good.

*Buzzer* Wrong!

No, you can’t have three hour concerts because you’re not Bruce Springsteen. Why?

  1. He has a huge amount of fans
  2. Everyone at his shows are already his fans
  3. His fans have loved him for decades.

Until those three things are true for your band, you can not do what he does. 

When you’re playing a show, most of the people don’t know you yet (or know you well), so you can’t quite do everything that someone famous does. It’s just not appropriate for the band/audience relationship yet.

You can walk up to your best friend, punch him on the arm and say, “What’s up, loser?” and he will still be your friend.
You can’t walk up to a complete stranger and do the same thing.

When you’re playing your shows, you’re a complete stranger to most of your audience. So don’t punch in the arm, even if it’s in good fun.

This doesn’t just apply to concert length. It applies to…
Your performance
Your setlist
Your marketing
Your social network presence
Your everything.

I’m not saying you should not look up to your heroes. Just realize that you’re not quite where they are yet so you need to handle things differently. Just think how you would want to be treated on a first date.

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