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There’s No Such Thing as a Studio

March 8, 2014

2014-03-08Okay, maybe the title of this is an overstatement.


You know that phrase “Home is where the heart is”?

Well yeah.

I say, “The studio is where the heart is.”

When we think of a recording studio, we think of a place that’s made for recording and nothing else.
It’s a special, magically building where records are created.


Those buildings were probably bakeries and tax agencies before someone bought them and made them a studio.
Why do I say that? Because there’s nothing special about the location.

The “studio” can be anywhere you want it be.

Wherever you set up gear and make music….that’s the studio.

Heck, I recorded my worship band’s single in an old office and a bedroom.  But it’s not just me doing it; the pro’s do it too!

Aerosmith. Zeppelin. The Rolling Stones.
They all recorded albums with a mobile studio. (Exile On Main St. was recorded in a basement!)

The Chilli Peppers recorded in an old mansion.  Johnny Cash recorded in his house.

“But what about all the fancy sound-proofing foam, isolation booths, and acoustic treatment?”

Yes, those definitely can help get rid of unwanted sounds. But then again, so do some blankets hanging on some mic stands (picture here).

Don’t use location as an excuse to not make great art, right now.

Music can happen anywhere and everywhere.  Go make it wherever you are.



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