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3 Things Musicians Should Not Say

March 18, 2014


1) “Let’s just do something safe that’s been done before.”
If it’s been done before, people will probably prefer the original – not you. Have the courage to create something, not copy.
However, don’t be afraid to take influence from those who’ve gone before you, but don’t give me anything I can get somewhere else. Why? Because if I really want the unoriginal thing you’re selling, I probably already have it. Give me something that I can’t anywhere else.
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2) “That’s too hard.”
This one is so important. I’ve already written an entire blog post on it, but it bares repeating. If you or your band is afraid to play a part or song because it will take too much practice, you are a lazy musician. Get up and get to work. Do you expect to get anywhere off of a “it’s convenient” attitude?

3) “It’s not natural for me.”
So the producer asked you to play a cool new part. It’s a different part from what you are already playing. The part that may not be convinient (see #2 above). So you insist “it’s not natural for me.”
So what? Natural is overrated. Playing an instrument is an unnatural, learned skill to begin with – don’t tell me you’ve decided to stop learning, have you? No one comes out of the womb with Beethovin skill. Playing the guitar isn’t a survival trait we learned in the wild. If something is lame, then it’s lame for other reasons. It’s never lame just because it’s outside a small comfort zone that we created. (I am guilty of this too). We must always be willing to improve.

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