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Treat Yourself Like The Real Deal

May 19, 2014
Ron Burgundy is saying it, so you know it must be true.

Ron Burgundy is saying it, so you know it must be true.

He treated it like it was real.

At the local university, there’s this guy (let’s call him Jack).

Jack does a sport report for the campus news program.

On time while doing his latest sports report, he fumbled up. Several times in fact.

“Do you wanna redo it?” asked the video production manager. (Of course he should redo it. Who wouldn’t?)

And Jack said, “No.”


“If this was a live newscast at a real TV station, I wouldn’t get a do over. I want to treat this like the real deal” Jack said.

Wow. I applaud you Jack! That’s pretty cool.

He treated it like the real deal.

Why? Because he’s preparing for the real deal.

When he gets a legit job at a legit news station, he wants to be ready. He wants to be good.

You’ve got to be ready. As a musician, you’ve got to treat yourself like the real deal, or you’ll never be the real deal.

What do your rehearsals look like? Does your band just sit around casually and play songs when you feel like it?

Or do you treat it like the real deal? Set up the way you set up on stage, playing the set-list in order, practicing what you say in between songs, etc.

Preparing for a show? Rehearse like it’s a show. Do what Jack would do.


Doing a modest independent recording? Treat it like the real deal.

The big musicians with legit labels have deadlines to get things done. Set some deadlines for your next project.

If you can’t work with a dead line, you’ll never make a legit recording. Do what Jack would do.

If you don’t treat it like it’s real, it won’t be real.


Maybe, I should print up some “WWJD: What Would Jack Do?” bracelets…..


by Noah Copeland

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