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3 Things to Remember When It Gets Tough (As A Musician)

June 5, 2014

IgiveupkittyBeing a musician (or any kind of artist) isn’t easy. Those who think being a musician means bathing in cocaine and women all day are ridiculous and watch too much TV.

When you get right down to it, music and art is nothing but constant hard work. Talent alone  is idle.

A lot of times, you slave hard without any results. Here are some things to remember when you feel like giving up or lose inspiration.

1. Overnight Success is a Lie.

The media love to tell the stories of a young, undiscovered talent who uploads one youtube cover and has a record deal and an arena tour the next day. However, these stories are rarely true, if ever.

Most manufactured tales of overnight success are complete crap. That’s because no one ever talks about the years of struggles and woodshedding that happened before success. They always start the story just right before the “big break.”

People talk about how Collective Soul recorded an album in a basement and got huge success of “Shine” quickly back in the 90’s.  Yet, no one talks about how Ed Roland had given up on having a successful band after 12 years of trying. In fact, he recorded “Shine” in his basement with the hopes of selling it someone else.

2. Is The Grass Greener?

We have our moments where we want to sell all our gear and go get a “real” job. For starters, being a musician is a real job. It doesn’t involve fairies and leprechauns, it involves hard freakin’ work.

Ask yourself, “Would I really be happy doing something else?” Is the grass greener in a 9 to 5 cubicle? Does grass even grow in those things?

3. What if  I Don’t Try?

I remember a Congressman telling the story about how he decided to run for office. He said, “if I don’t try, I’m going to be the old man telling my grand-kids about the time I didn’t do what God wanted me to do.”

It’s so much more safe to dream about what could be or could’ve been than to actually get your hands dirty and make it happen. Do you really want it or not?

You reap what you sow, so keeping sowing.


by Noah Copeland

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