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Your Band is Slop! Make it a Meal.

August 19, 2014

Johnny: “I’m the best drummer ever. EVERY SECOND of this song will be a drum fill! Who needs beat when you have tom rolls?”

Which one is your band right now?

Which one is your band right now?

Trevor: “I’m the best singer ever. All I need to do is cover up all these crappy musicians with my voice.”

Steve: “I am the next great guitar player. As soon as I get bored playing chords (which is every other measure) I am RIPPING AND SHREDDING this song to piece. Sweeeeep piiiiick!!!!

Guys! Stop! 

Stop driving Jackie crazy!

Stop driving Jackie crazy!

You’re killing me. You’re killing the audience. You’re killing yourselves.

Consider this a wake up call. No one came to the show to watch a random group musicians who are blindly thrown together.

They came to watch to a band.

Is your band a well defined meal or just a bunch of slop thrown together? 

Is the bass fighting over the guitars? Or do they each have their own well defined place in the band (a place that everyone else in the band is aware of and respectful of).

Work together.

The biggest part about having a good sound is being musically mature. That’s means doing what’s appropriate for the song and not creating chaos.

Take your time. Work out the parts. TOGETHER.  

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